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Server View : Chaotic Frontier Tekkit [Cracked][24/7][NO LAG]

Server Name: Chaotic Frontier Tekkit [Cracked][24/7][NO LAG]

Type: Classic

IP Address:

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The server is offline

Country: United States


~We are CRACKED!~
Welcome to Chaotic Frontier, a brand new, no-lag, non restrictive Tekkit Server! Unlike many other servers, RM Tools, DM Tools, MK3's, and many other items are NOT banned! We are hosted on a dedicated machine, guaranteeing a lag free environment for our players. We currently have an 80 slot server ready to serve all of you Tekkiters. We use plugins such as jobs, factions, iConomy, chest shop, floAuction, and many more to ensure there is always something to keep you busy! We have a newly built, beautiful spawn with a workshop area, public condensers for beginners to use, a great Admin Shop, and a BuyCraft area. Our server restarts every hour, on the hour and takes about 10 seconds to come back up. Our uptime is 99.9%, as our server is only down when restarting. Come check us out today and stay for a bit, although we are small we are going to grow big!

Youtube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnRDvKO9s3w

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